What is TTOX?

TTOX is India’s Premier Modern Strategy Board Games Convention.

What do I get if I register?

You get tickets at discounted prices, a Goodie Bag, and access to a library of over 500+ games from all over the world.

What if I’m new to Board games?

We have volunteers to teach entry-level games and welcome you into the world of Modern Strategy board games!

Are children allowed?

Yes! Children below 6 have free entry and over 6 years will have to purchase a ticket.

Are walk-ins allowed?

Limited walk-in registrations will be allowed, which will be at full price.

What kind of games will the TTOX Library have?

The library will have Modern Strategy games for all ages. Time to look beyond classic games like Chess, Monopoly, Uno, etc.!

Can I bring my own Board game/s to the convention?

Yes, you can! Please ensure you monitor your games; TTOX cannot be held responsible for any missing games/pieces/damage during the convention.

Will Jigsaw Puzzles be available at the venue to play?

TTOX is a convention only for Table Top Games, there will be no Jigsaw Puzzles.