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What is TTOX?

TTOX: Your Ultimate Gaming Experience!

Welcome to TTOX, where you step into the heart of the ultimate gaming adventure! Over two incredible days, immerse yourself in unlimited gaming, connect with like-minded enthusiasts, and explore the latest board games from India and worldwide. Here’s what awaits you during this thrilling gaming extravaganza:

1. Dive into Diverse Games:
Your journey begins with a vast collection of board games spanning various genres. With 500+ games, you can explore and enjoy a wide range of tabletop experiences. Whether you’re a strategy mastermind, a party game enthusiast, or a cooperative play aficionado, there’s something tailored just for you.

2. Forge Friendships:
Connect with fellow gamers who share your passion. TTOX is your space to build new friendships, exchange strategies, and discover exciting gaming groups. The welcoming community ensures you’ll be surrounded by like-minded individuals eager to share their gaming experiences.

3. Meet the Creators:
Engage with the creative minds behind your favourite games! TTOX brings board game publishers and designers directly to you. Seize the opportunity to playtest upcoming releases, gain insights into game development, and deepen your understanding of the industry.

4. Expand Your Collection:
Enhance your board game collection by purchasing the latest releases. With publishers and designers on-site, explore and acquire games from India and around the world. Uncover hidden gems and take home the hottest titles to elevate your gaming repertoire.

5. Learn and Grow:
Expand your knowledge through workshops and panels. Dive into game design, strategy tips, and industry trends presented by experts. TTOX offers you a unique opportunity to delve deeper into the fascinating world of tabletop gaming.

6. Experience a Community Atmosphere:
Immerse yourself in the inclusive and friendly community that defines board gaming conventions. At TTOX, you find a space where gamers of all levels come together, share experiences, and celebrate their love for tabletop games.

7. Elevate Your Gaming Experience:
To enhance your adventure, TTOX offers additional features such as a Game Library for borrowing, scheduled game demos, open gaming tables, themed gaming areas, and a playtesting zone for prototypes.

8. Embrace Rewards and Prizes:
Engage in the gaming spirit with raffles and prize drawings. Your active participation in games can earn you exciting rewards, adding an element of anticipation and celebration to your gaming sessions.

At TTOX, the core objective is clear: for you to find your perfect games and indulge in 12+ hours of gaming bliss over two unforgettable days. Get ready for an unparalleled gaming adventure at TTOX — where the joy of tabletop gaming knows no bounds, and every moment is crafted just for you!

When IS TTOX Coimbatore?

JULY 27-28, 2024. Timings: 10 AM to 10 PM each day.

Where is TTOX Coimbatore?


How to book Passes for TTOX Coimbatore?

Choose between Single Day Pass, Two Day Pass or Two Day Champions Pass.

All passes come with a Goodie Bag and amazing Discount Coupons from Board Game Cafes across Chennai & Coimbatore.

Early bird One Day, Two Day Passes include a massive discount and Champions Pass includes a free game mat!

How can I Volunteer?

Thank you for asking! We currently do not have volunteering requirements.

I’m a part of the Board Game Industry, how can I contribute?

Thank you for asking!

We welcome Board Game Publishers, Designers and Cafe owners to contribute and help us make TTOX a success!

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Talks @ TTOX

Core Topics:

The Art Of Board Games in the Tantra of Leela

Panel Discussions with Board Game Publishers

Panel Discussions with Board Game Cafe Owners



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